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Title: CES 2019
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This TV rolls up like a yoga mat—and you can actually buy it
LG's rollable OLED TV will be available in 2019


Did you ever wish you could just roll your TV up and stow it away in between yoga—er—viewing sessions? At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, LG has just the thing you're looking for: a rollable OLED TV.

Unveiled this morning during the company's press conference, the 65-inch rollable OLED (ROLED?) TV is one of the most technologically innovative things at CES so far, though this show never has a shortage of kooky TVs, either.

This 65-inch rollable TV is one of the most technologically innovative things at CES so far.

LG first debuted a prototype of the rollable TV during CES 2018, but this year it has a model name (LG OLED65R9PUA) and is apparently coming to market, though we haven't heard a price yet.

The OLED65R9PUA rolls out from its soundbar-like base. It can be stowed when not in use, and used in a "partial" view for various activities.

It's safe to assume the 65-inch R9 won't be cheap, however. Not only are OLED TVs already some of the priciest screens around, but this TV is one of a kind within the ecosystem, so you'll be paying a premium for it.

Here's how it works: the TV is stowed in a wide rectangular base that kind of resembles (and functions like) a soundbar. In the base are speakers with a total of 100 watts of audio power—they sounded pretty good during our private demo Sunday afternoon—and whatever mechanical magic allows the OLED panel to roll and unroll.

In "Line View," the TV is mostly stowed but with about 25% of the screen still usable.

We spoke with LG's Tim Alessi about the R9, and he assured us that the R9's lifespan wasn't anything for consumers to worry about; it takes anywhere from 20 to 30 years to wear out the panel via rolling-related wear and tear.

While we couldn't get the same commentary on the reliability of the mechanical, moving parts that make the rolling happen, we imagine LG engineered the speaker/base with the same attention to detail as its "Signature" large appliances, at least. (

The R9's main functional modes are "Full View," "Line View," and "Zero View." In Full View, the R9 functions like any other OLED TV: delivering excellent contrast, rich colors, and huge viewing angles. In Line View, you can use part of the TV's screen (about 25%) to view information like the time or weather, display various "Moods" (screensavers), or play music from local storage. In Zero View, you'll primarily be using the TV's speakers while stowing the screen inside...

LG's R9 rollable OLED uses the same panel as the other 2019 OLEDs, meaning it's going to be one of the best-looking TVs around (when it isn't rolled up inside its base, anyway).

If you're interested in this TV, you'll likely have to pay a lot for it. LG hasn't announced pricing for its 2019 OLED TVs yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if the R9 went for more than $10,000. You'll also have to wait on it: like the company's 8K models, it won't be available until the second half of the year... (

its that time of the year again.  CES 2019 full announcement starts tomorrow but today we get a glimpse of what products to expect from the announcement.  This LG OLED R9 can roll up to the base when not in use.  cool, rollable tv screen is finally going to come out soon, debut in mid of 2019.  But expect these kind of tvs to be very expensive when debuted.

Oh, in order to watch the video clip of this oled tv being roll up, click on the link of this site and play it on the twitter video clip embed in that site.  Or click on hyperlink of the twitter's page video in this page posted on the quote part.  Or just click on the link below for convenient.: (
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Here is the video clip of this rollable 65" OLED TV from LG.
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...Samsung still isn't touching OLED, continues to chase microLED


...Last year, Samsung debuted "The Wall" — a massive 146-inch TV made up of smaller panels of micro LEDs. The company is still showing off that technology, only now it's configured an even bigger wall, as well as a TV called "The Window," and a slightly more normal 75-inch microLED TV.

How it works is a bit of a mystery, but the purported advantage over OLED something Samsung hopes to corner the market on: no burn-in, higher brightness, a "modular" form factor (the phrase "infinite resolution" has been thrown around), and easier manufacturing.

Samsung had various microLED panels mounted on a wall that moved between sections, changing and accepting images as they joined together. It was pretty wild.

During its First Look Event, Samsung showed off tiny, moving sections of microLED that could be mounted together or stripped apart as the owner desires. This is very unique, somewhat bizarre stuff, but you could potentially start with a very small micro LED TV and grow it over time as you bought and added more micro LED segments. It sounds like science fiction, but it we saw it work.

The only thing that's not entirely exciting about this show of tech is that it's very unlikely to come to market this year. But who knows? If LG is really bringing an OLED that rolls up inside its own base to market in 2019, anything is possible.

There's no denying that the microLED TVs design makes for bright, impressive images at seemingly any size. Now we just need a price tag.

In fact, the possibilities seem fairly limitless. Considering each section of micro LEDs is its own standalone module, you can make massive displays with many of them that don't suffer from the uniformity or halo-bleeding issues associated with very large LED/LCD TVs and traditional local dimming setups. But until these micro LED sections get some kind of price tag, we're all just window shopping... (

sounds very cool.  last year they managed to show 4k micro led in 146" screen size, and one year later, they probably manage to shrink the pixels like 4 times smaller to fit 4k micro led in 75" screen.  That might means, next year, they probably will be able to shrink the pixels another 4 times smaller, fitting 4k micro led in screen size as small as 40".

the other micro led they mentioned can be connect together to make bigger screen or disconnect if they wanted to.  sound very cool and interesting.
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Here is a video clip about micro led.  if you want to see panels of micro led connect together to make bigger and/or wider or taller screen.  skip to 1:11 and 1:19 of the videos.  look very cool and unreal.
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Here is a video about oled screens combined together and curved like a wave.  Then there are the rollable oled screens.