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Post by: Titan on May 03, 2014, 06:33:59 AM
TThe admins are: Titan, Kurt Angle, Videoholic, Cerebus

This means we mod all the forums and are the forum leaders. If there's a problem, come to us.

The Global Moderator is §ôµÏG®ïñD. This means he moderates the whole forum.

The mods are: GmanJoe, Paul2

Mods moderate only the forums that they are assigned to.

There is no post minimum to have an avatar. If you want one, you can have one, though the dimensions must be 120x120. If you are having trouble uploading an avatar, PM an admin. They'll walk you through it. Please keep avatars appropriate.

You can change the text below your username. However, keep it appropriate. If it is deemed inappropriate, it will be removed and you won't be allowed to have one.

The community rules are:

-No signature should be any longer than 6 lines. We do not allow any images to be placed in the signature. If you put a picture in your signature, it will be removed. Colors may be used but the size tags are forbidden and WILL be edited out if used. We also do not allow links to be posted in full length.  Use the l[link=] BB code.
-No posting topics in one forum that SHOULD be in another forum or vice versa.
-No spamming. Your post will be removed.
-No posting of codes, cheats, or hacks that can otherwise hinder Online gameplay. As a community of gamers, we take pride in fair online gameplay.
-NO WAREZ, PORN, PIRACY discussions in any forum. Be it posts, links to it, pictures, or even watermarks in pictures. If this isn't followed, it will result in immediate banning.
-No EXCESSIVE swearing. Keep the F-bombs to a minimum.
-NO ADVERTISING. Your post will be removed. Unless it is for a personal website (photography, gaming, whatever). But don't flood the forum with posts about it. One topic is enough or put the link in your signature.
-No complaining about the rules. They are the there are for a reason and to control the boards and make them fun.
-No flaming.
-No hostile statements about other members. Little joking jabs are fine but don't post anything that can be taken as hostile to other members.
-If you have a problem with someone or something said, please report it to a mod or an admin. Do NOT flame back. For any reason.
-The fred rule: No excessive posting complaining about your life.
-If you are posting news, please include a link to the original author or a relevant YouTube link.

At PSX4Central, we pride ourselves on freedom of expression and individuality of our members, so the most important rule is be yourself and have fun.