Author Topic: Samsung Installs Largest-Ever Onyx Cinema LED Screen in Luxurious U.S. Theater  (Read 205 times)

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Samsung is partnering with dine-in theater chain Star Cinema Grill in their new Richmond, Texas location
 to introduce the 46 ft. (14m) wide Samsung Onyx p3.3 Cinema LED this summer.

Samsung Onyx makes the modern theater feel bigger and brighter by eliminating projector equipment, so theaters can accommodate more seats. With a light-resistant design, cinema operators no longer have to worry about interference or distractions.

Available in variations extending between 5 and 14 meters (16.4 – 46 ft.) in width, the Samsung Onyx display accommodates any venue configuration. With the 4K model earning validation as the world’s first Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI)-certified theater display, the Samsung Onyx translates the combination of advanced LED and High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture quality to lifelike big screen content.

Samsung is working with cinema content developers to ensure that the displays are optimizing upcoming films. Samsung will continue to collaborate with cinema technology services providers to deliver HDR-compliant content that shine on the Onyx screen.

Samsung Onyx is currently installed in 16 countries around the globe. The Star Cinema Grill installation in Richmond is now the second screen in the U.S.

finally an enormous led screen being releases in an u.s. theater.  cool. B)

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Installed in 16 countries with only 2 in the US? Since when did we drop the ball on cool shit?
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