Author Topic: Samsung patents wraparound phone display with unique photography features  (Read 245 times)

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Dutch website Let's Go Digital has uncovered a Samsung patent that details a wraparound mobile phone display. Unlike the company's folding phone, this recently approved patent shows a flexible display that wraps from the front of the phone up over the top and down partially across the back. Among other uses, the rear display could be used to provide an image preview to the photo's subjects.

An illustration from the patent showing how the secondary display can be used to help the subject see themself in the frame.

The patent describes multiple potential uses for the rear display, including as a camera preview. A translation of the section describing this potential use reads:

For example, at operation 1620, the electronic device may confirm to the user that he wants to selfie. When the self-portrait mode is selected, the control unit of the electronic device can activate the rear display provided in the same direction as the direction in which the camera is mounted. The preview image generated in operation 1660 may be displayed through the activated rear display.

Who needs a high-resolution front-facing camera when a secondary display can turn the main camera unit into a selfie cam?

Though the idea of a dual-display smartphone isn't new, Samsung's method — using a flexible OLED panel for a seamless wraparound screen — is unique. Of note, this arrangement could enable users to capture selfies using the device's superior rear camera in lieu of the front-facing camera.

As with any patent, it's possible Samsung may never bring a device featuring this technology to market.

another creative idea where the smartphone display patent has the screen wraparound the phone from front to back so one can do selfie on the back of the screen without needing a front facing camera.  one can use the back facing camera to take selfie or the phone can show the screen on the front and back of the camera so the person taking picture of another person, that another person can see oneself on the back screen.  nice.  B)

this is another good alternative compares to a smartphone that can rotate the cameras to the front or the back of the smartphone.

the link also said like with any patent, chances are we may never see this to market.  which i don't mind since the rotating cameras on the smartphone is a good alternative.
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That'd actually be pretty handy. When I take selfies with my girlfriend when we hike, we have to use our front cameras. Her iPhone does alright but my Moto G4 really lacks in the front camera department. It'd be nice to utilize the higher resolution rear camera. But lets face it too, my Moto lacks in that department  too :D
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