Author Topic: Samsung Unveils 14-Meter-Wide (~ 636" big) LED Screen at Beijing Capital China  (Read 132 times)

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Samsung Electronics said Sunday it has installed a 14-meter-wide Onyx LED screen at the Shoudu Cinema in Beijing. The screen is 10 times brighter than a projector.

The theater had an opening ceremony for the Onyx screen on Dec. 7 and premiered a 3D version of DC Comics' superhero film "Aquaman."

Samsung first launched Onyx in July 2017 with a model measuring roughly 10 meters (33.6 feet) wide. Since then, the company has been strengthening its foothold in the cinema screen market seeking to diversify its business portfolio into the business-to-business segment. Samsung’s latest Onyx model stretches 14 meters (46.2 feet) wide, and it is currently available in the market for movie theaters across the globe.

The display installed at Capital Theater combines 4K resolution, HDR picture quality and peak brightness level of 88fL — nearly six times greater than standard projector technologies. Onyx is also 3D-ready and Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI)-certified, providing the flexibility to display a wide variety of content types. Samsung also said the Onyx screen boasts quality sound system as it uses JBL, a subsidiary of audio company Harman, which was acquired by Samsung.

Samsung’s Onyx LED screens have been installed across the world, through partnerships with Pacific Theatres in Los Angeles, USA, and Arena Cinemas’ Sihlcity theater in Zurich, Switzerland.

cool that samsung is releasing another projection-less cinema led screen that is much bigger than their previous version.  this cinema led screen is 46.2 feet wide compares to their previous model which is 33.6 ft wide.  14 meter wide or 46.2 feet wide has a diagonal screen size of 53 ft or 636 inches (assuming its a 16:9 aspect ratio screen, it could be around 17:9 aspect ratio for all i know though).

46.2 feet wide might have a height of nearly 26 feet (if the aspect ratio is 16:9).  so that means a 3 story high house might not be able to fit the height of this screen since most houses have a ceiling that is roughly 8 feet high).  That means its slightly more than 3 times taller than most house's ceiling.  And 46.2 feet wide means is about 4 times wider or longer than a medium bedroom's width/length since most medium bedroom's length/width is about 11 to 12 ft.  Samsung really outdid themselves in making a led screen that is much bigger than their already previous enormous led screen model. :)  cool. B)

the only thing that confuses me is this website said its 10 times brighter than standard projector then later said its nearly 6 times brighter than standard projector. :confused:  maybe its a typo.  its more likely nearly 6 times brighter since 88 fL equal about 300 nits of brightness and most standard projectors have about 50 nits of brightness.  So that is about 6 times brighter which is still not as bright as their previous cinema screen which claims 500 nits of brightness which is 10 times brighter than standard projector.  But their previous cinema led screen size is somewhat much smaller than this model though.  I guess for now that is what you get - either bigger screen but lesser brightness or smaller screen but higher brightness.  still very cool though. B)

i am guessing this screen might cost like a few millions dollars to sell since the screen is much bigger than their previous model despite this newer model not being nearly as bright.
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I'm going to be telling my kids what a projector is. I can see it now.
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